Weight Loss Reality

Word on the street is that I am a machine…

Firstly, don’t always believe the word on the street. Secondly, I do take this as a compliment, but I also don’t want people to get the wrong impression by just looking at my social media accounts.


Well, guess what this machine did this weekend?


1. I slept in till 08:30 on both Saturday & Sunday

Yes, when it is more than 4 hours than usual it can be classified as a sleep in.

2. I indulged in 400 grams of pink and white marshmallows

I weigh everything, speaking in grams is who I am now. It also makes me feel more gangsta…

“Hey, how many grams of cut up marshmallows would you like”

Also, I grazed on about fifty thousand snap-sticks of biltong and a platter of sushi

3. I binged watched Orange Is The New Black

Ten (10) episodes to be exact

That’s about 10 hours of watching women catch on horrible things in prison cells. 

4. I drank copious amounts of black coffee

This is normal for me though. And I don’t drink alcohol, so they cancel each other out. Yes, I don’t drink alcohol, you read correctly.

I am human.

I Netflix and chill. I say yes to cupcakes. I say yes chocolate. I say no to drugs because saying yes to drugs is frowned upon….

 “And illegal Mandy, drugs are illegal

But you should know this, you just spent the entire weekend watching Orange Is The New Black”.

What I am trying to say is…..

Just because I always post about my running or weight loss, doesn’t mean that my life only revolves around that.

There are many social media personalities out there that make you believe that you need to train all day, drink supplements and give up 95% of your life….

I call bullshit

  • either they are being paid by companies to promote their “healthy” lifestyle
  • or they are just not brave enough to admit to being human.

Not me, I am not Willy Wonka, I don’t sugar coat shit.

I have nothing to sell you, but I do have real life to use as an example.

  • Don’t fall for all the shit you see online.
  • Research it before you believe it.
  • Don’t base your goals on what you assume others are doing

Just because they get paid to say something, doesn’t mean they practice it.

 Disclaimer: I wasn’t as gangster as I make it sound as I did manage to get in 2 shorter runs and do some meal prepping for this week!

Check my meal prep out on my Insta story

*If the story has expired by the time you get there, don’t stress, just follow me, I always post a lot of useless shit there.