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The Inbetweener

Not the before. Not the after

The in-between

What happened between 110 kg’s and 70 kg’s?

40 kg’s vanished. Poof. 40 kg’s gone. For good.

Oh, you want to know how?

I hope you are prepared for a longer read than normal….

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4 Years.

4 years and counting.

It’s not that it took 4 years to lose the 40 kg’s. It also doesn’t mean that it was a 10 kg’s loss per year.

It was and is still a very gradual  process. A sustainable process.

A process that led me to find happiness.

Happiness within myself.

You see, here is the thing:

I didn’t just try once.

For three years leading up to 2016 (the year it stuck), I tried multiple times. I tried, I lost some weight, I stopped trying. I gained the weight back.

The reason it didn’t work, was because I was trying all the wrong things.

Things like:

  • The cabbage soup diet
  • Slimming tablets
  • The “I don’t know what I am doing” diet
  • The “If I don’t eat breakfast and lunch I will lose weight” diet

You need to identify your weaknesses.

One of my weaknesses, and I am not afraid to say it; I was a binge drinker. I refused to admit this. I didn’t want to admit this to anyone or to myself. Deep down inside I knew; The longer I ignored the real issue at hand, the longer I would take to succeed with my weight loss.

The alcohol was not the only problem. It was all the junk food that went with it. And all the emotional eating while trying to convince myself that I didn’t have a problem.

I had a lot of problems. I was hiding from them. 

The healthy eating during the week was going great. I was acing it. But I was fucking up all that progress, by drinking and eating junk food over the weekends. 

I failed to realize that there are 7 days in a week and not only 5. 

Watch “The Week Day Dieter” Here

Binge Drinker


  • I drank solidly from the 28th of December 2015
  • I ate so much rubbish
  • I woke up on the morning of the 1st of January 2016
  • Felt like absolute shit
  • Saw a picture of myself from the night before
  • Vommed a little in my mouth

After three years of trying and making excuses, I decided enough was enough.


And the only one that could create that change was me. Yours truly.

The first 3 months

The first three months for me were vital. And this is often where you can make your break your weight loss journey.

These are the steps I took:

  • I cut out all alcohol (I had to as I knew I had a control problem)
  • I focused more on my nutrition than I did on exercise
  • When I did exercise it was just a short walk to the shop and back
  • I researched everything
  • I set small daily goals for myself

I really only focused on the basics and tried not to over complicate things.

Months 3 – 6 

These are the months when it starts getting easier. Only because you know more or less what you are doing.

This is when people actually start seeing a change. This is when they will start complimenting you. This is when you actually feel like the hard work is paying off.


  • This is where I started incorporating a few beers back into my lifestyle
  • I set a goal of only going out one weekend of the month
  • I started incorporating more exercise. I joined boot camp
  • Nutrition was still my focal point.
  • I revisited my goals. I adjusted them.
  • I continued working on those goals.

Months 6 – 12

This is where I adopted the attitude of….

“Try something new. Do something that scares you. Try something challenging. Get out of your comfort zone.”

For the next 6 months I tried something new once a month.

  • I hiked Lions Head for the first time
  • I joined a crossfit gym (that scared the shit out of me)
  • I ran my first 5 km run
  • I had sex with a stranger
  • I am joking. I didn’t have sex with a stranger. I was in a long term relationship. I wasn’t having sex.
  • I ran my first 10 km

Nutritional was still my focal point, however I was including more exercise. I was searching for an exercise that I would fall in love with.

An exercise that I could see myself doing for the rest of my life. 

It is so important that you find an exercise that you enjoy. {Watch Video Here}


So many people assume that it is the running that led me to lose weight. It actually makes me mad.

By the time I started getting serious about my running, I had probably lost about 25 kilograms already.

{Read more about exercise & weight loss here}


Through focusing on and maintaining a balanced meal plan. NUTRITION.

By the end of year 2..

I had lost all my weight. 40 kilograms gone.

At the end of year 2 I also got injured. I couldn’t run for 4 months. I gained about 10 kilograms.

You see where the problem came in was that during year 2 I was super strict with my nutrition. Strict to the point where it was not sustainable.

I refused to go to certain restaurants. I was living off fucking dry chicken and broccoli.

Yes, I had a flat tummy and a 3 and a half pack, but at what cost?

Year 3 

I just floated through year 3.

  • I started adding more of the foods I really enjoyed back into my meal plans.
  • All in moderation
  • Once the injury was gone, I started running more
  • I was less strict on myself
  • I stopped labeling foods as “bad” foods
  • I also stopped labeling meals as “cheat” meals
  • I put less pressure on myself to look a certain way
  • I slowly but surely started becoming the happiest version of me.

If I am honest….

My year three is where I want my current clients to start their weight loss journey at.

Year 4

oh jeez, year 4. What a year.

This was the year that I decided to put myself first.

  • I left the job I had been at for 8 years.
  • I left my boyfriend (now ex) of 10 years.
  • I moved back to my parents.
  • I had basically nothing
  • I also lost 10 kilograms through year 4

What I learnt in year three about “dieting” and nutrition and moderation, was exactly the knowledge I needed to get me through year 4. I was at the point where I knew how much of what I could eat, and also how to bounce back from a binge.


You probably wondering why I am telling you all of this?

Well because once you find yourself and you find what truly makes you happy, that is when the magic happens.

I am the happiest I have ever been

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Everyone is always looking for the weight loss secret…


It’s all about understanding energy in vs energy out. It is about understanding how weight loss works. It is about accepting that there is no quick fix. {Read more now}

Things to note…

  • It is not going to be all smooth sailing
  • You are going to have good days and bad days
  • Life doesn’t stop because you are trying to lose weight
  • Your lifestyle changes
  • It is difficult at first
  • You need to push through those difficult stages
  • People will start noticing a change in you
  • You will become more confident
  • It is ok to eat pizza
  • It is ok to have a beer
  • Sustainability is key
  • If you fall down, take some time and then pick yourself up again
  • Don’t ever be too hard on yourself
  • Nutrition is key

If there is an underlying issue for your weight gain. Be truthful with yourself. Start working on those issues as well.