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Eat a donut and run

The biggest misconception is that you can eat what you want if you run.

I mean, I am sure you can, but it won’t work so well with weight loss. 

*I tried, It didn’t work

So I am going to dive straight into it…

Sue: “Mandy, was running the exercise that got you to lose weight?”

Mandy: “No, it was a healthy diet.”

The running is a by product.

*The running will assist the process but is not the main focus point.

Sue Scenario

Sue wants to get laid

  • To do this, she needs a man or a woman, to do the wild monkey dance with
  • She uses alcohol to make the process easier.
  • Alcohol is a by product

*The alcohol assists the process but is not the main focus point.

You cannot out run a shit diet

> On average I am burning 350 calories per 5 km run. (Everyone is different)

> On average a donut contains 250 calories

> And we all know that once we have one donut, we want more fucken donuts.

You do the math

If you are serious about losing weight, you will focus on eating healthier, and focus less on what exercises are best for weight loss.

Here is the secret……

  • If you enjoy skipping, then skip
  • If you walking, then walk
  • If you enjoy flicking the bean, then flick the bean
  • If you enjoy spinning, then spin

I just happen to enjoy running, and when done in hand in hand with a healthy diet, there could possibly be a chance of weight loss.

Find something that you enjoy doing, and do that.

It will make the weight loss process a whole lot easier.

Eat Less. Move more