Weight loss exercises


    • a tedious but necessary task.
      “A forced exercise is like having sex with a partner that you don’t really like…”

      A chore

Mandy, what is the best exercise for weight loss?”

  1. Janice from down the hall said running is the best.
  2. Candy the stripper said lifting weights is the best.
  3. Sue seems to believe it is hand jobs.
  4. Peter says crossfit is the best for weight loss.
  5. Seth tells me that smoking crystal meth is the best for weight loss
  6. Dave says brothel creeping works for him…

*Dave, it is probably the STD causing your weight loss

Secret: The best exercise for weight loss is one that you enjoy doing

*Preferably not number 5, I think that is illegal

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 Doing an exercise because you were told that it is best for weight loss…

is like being in a relationship because you are tired of flicking the bean

Doing something because you are forced to do it will eventually lead to failure…..

The Sue Scenario

  1. > Sue met a man one drunken night
  2. > She took him home without a fight
  3. > He tickled her with a feather
  4. > Which led them to sleeping together
  5. > His baby she does carry
  6. > Her mom now forced them to marry
  7. > They were not happy
  8. > Their marriage was crappy
  9. > They are now divorced
  10. > Because everything was forced

It is the same with exercise – You need to find an exercise that you truly enjoy doing and make that your focus exercise. Don’t force yourself to do exercises that you hate because it will become a chore and you will start resenting it.

Don’t force it

You need to enjoy doing it

Experiment with different options

Find something that you want to do for the rest of your life

Disclaimer: If Sue had stuck to flicking the bean she would not have fallen pregnant