Weight Loss

Transformation update.

I recently posted a picture for #TransformationTuesday which created a lot of attention, and left me with an inbox full of questions.

See my transformation here.

Fun Fact: There is no quick fix

Other fun facts:

  • This was not the 1st time I tried to lose weight – I tried many times prior to this
  • I too tried everything on offer

Does this saying sound familiar “I’ll just take this weight loss tablets to kick start my diet“?

Of course it sounds familiar, as we have all told ourselves that.

Not many will agree with me on this, but a quick fix does not only come in the form of a pill, slimming nut, shake, or a magic eating plan found from some scam artist on line, but it also comes in the form of….

All these 6-12 week online challenges

I know many of you won’t agree, and that is fine, as I am telling my story, not yours.

Just think about it for a second – You are given a limited amount of time to lose as much weight as possible – Is this sustainable?

You can answer that yourself!

I was doing great, losing weight at a steady pace, allowing myself the foods that I wanted, in moderation. I then entered a 8 week challenge, and I changed everything:

  • Instead of limiting, I restricted everything
  • I had no idea what I was doing as I didn’t have a nutritional coach

If you need help, I do know of some epic trainers at a certain gym that can help you in a sustainable manner.

Since the challenge:

  • It has been a bit of a struggle
  • I wanted to eat and drink everything that I didn’t allow myself to during the challenge
  • I gained weight
  • I even considered doing the next challenge just to get back to where I was

It was then that I realized that these challenges are pretty much just a quick fix, they are not sustainable, and once you have done one you will most likely become a repeat challenger as that is the only knowledge you have.

Please note that I am not aiming this at any specific challenge. If the challenges work for you then that’s great.

If you enter a challenge and they give you a personalized eating plan (not generic), offer you a personalized training plan or guidelines, then I feel this is a total different ball game, as that was designed for you and not you and 50000 other clients.

I have gone back to my original plan of:

  • not overthinking things,
  • logging my daily calories,
  • doing everything in moderation,
  • not saying no to everything,
  • trusting the process,
  • I am a happier & nicer person now (Ok, maybe only happier) 🙂

I cannot say this enough – Sustainability is key 

Disclaimer: Don’t fall victim to all this sales & marketing BS, you are better than that!