Toxic People

Tsek Jou N***

And if you must; Tsek Jou Tief

Have you ever just sat listening to someone tell you that you are not capable of doing something, and right there you thought to yourself…. “Tsek Jou Naai

Tsek Jou Naai

Direct translation

“Get out of here, fucker”

Millennial Translation

“Bye Felicia”

Some people have no filter, or tact for that matter. They will go around saying things without realizing that it could potentially break you. Maybe they do know that and they just don’t care.

These kinds of people are also known as:

Toxic People

1. People who don’t support what you are doing

2. Those who constantly run you down

3. They are not interested in what’s important to you

4. Not willing to help you move forward

5. They make your journey about them

You see, I could explain each one of the above, but if you have ever encountered a toxic person, then you know exactly what I am on about.

Get Rid Of Toxic People…….

Easier said than done (Insert eye roll here)

If you can’t get rid of them, follow the below instructions:

  • Firstly, know your worth
  • Distance yourself from them
  • Learn to be strong
  • Start standing up for yourself and what you want
  • Be stubborn about what you want

Set goals….


Don’t let anybody stand in your way of reaching them

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The Sue Scenario

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The end

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