Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Myths I Believed

There is so much shit floating around the internet.

And when you are desperate you fall for all this shit.

Don’t be that person

6 Lies You Should Not Fall For….

This is a public service announcement | Don’t fall for the below

*Truth be told by Jack and Jill

Freshen up your Jack and Jill nursery rhyme before continuing

1. You Can’t Eat Bread

Bread will definitely go straight to your hips, stay away from the bread.

*Bread doesn’t have to be the side chick. You can eat bread in public without the fear of being judged. Word on the street is that Jack had a french loaf in his brown paper bag! That’s how he lured Jill to go up the hill.

2. Banting is The Way Forward

Banting, you definitely need to bant. You will disappoint Tim Noakes if you don’t try Banting.

*Banting is the South African way of practicing Keto. Jack and Jill didn’t bant because they were not South African.

3. Lemon Slices & Apple Cider Vinegar

OMG, you totally forgot to drink my lemon water and Apple Cider vinegar, there goes your fast metabolism.

*You’ll drink this in public, but eat your bread in a dodgy alleyway? Also, Jack used Vinegar to hill his head, not to speed up his metoblism.

4. Obsessive Gym Goer

The only way too lose your tummy is to go to gym 6 times a week and do as many sit up’s as possible.

*Gym is great, but so is a well balance diet. Gym is Jack, a good diet is Jill. And we all know that Jack couldn’t go up the hill without Jill!

5. Sugar Free is A Slow Death

You can’t drink sugar free products, they are going to kill you.

*Drink that damn Coke Zero if you want to. Jack fell down the hill and broke his crown, not because he was fetching Coke Zero! Jack was fetching fucking water! Water people. He hurt himself because of H20.

6. The 48 Hour Fast

The only way to lose weight is by starving yourself. By having the Ketosis kick start itself through your veins.

Watch Video here

*Jack and Jill fell down the hill because they were fasting and had lack of focus and energy.

That’s all for today folks

Short and sweet

Find what works for you, always remember that.