dangers of running

Running & Runners are Crazy

Full Stop

We wake up at the crack of dawn. Enough said!

Love Complaining

  • We complain about the early mornings
  • The medals are shit
  • Results should be released faster
  • We complain about the distance been out by point 3 meters

I could go on forever, but this isn’t about complaining, but rather about the dangers of running.

6 Dangers of Running

This could happen to you if you become a runner….

*Real Life Scenario

1. Always broke

You will spend your last bit of money on that race that you said you will never do again. Or those extra shoes you don’t need.

*Sorry little Bobby, we can’t afford your school fees anymore. We need to home school you, says Bobby’s mom as she is buying the latest pair of Asics Gel Nimbus.

2. You become forgetful

As a runner, you literally forget that there is more to life than running. You will bring running up at any and every conversation.

*Sue: I got so wasted and hooked up with Dick last night

*Jane: Cool, I am running a marathon in 10 years time.

3. Ugly Foot

Your feet look like shit, and you are proud of it. You hang your medal around your big toe, take a picture of it and post it on social media.

*Hey John, where did you put the nail clipper? Oh that’s right, you don’t need one because your toe nails fall off on their own.

4. You Start Lying

You lie to yourself and to others!

*I am never doing that race again, it was horrible.
Proceeds to check next years race schedule

5. Toilet Etiquette

Any toilet manners you were taught by your mother goes out the window. You will shit in the bush, pee in your tights and could start seeing toilet paper as a luxury.

*Little Bobby while pooing: Mooommm, there is no toilet paper in the shit house!!!

*Mom: Can’t you just shit in the bush like your dad and I.

Running 4 the toilet – Interesting read

What else are we in danger of?

Talk to me!