The Clean Life

Living The Clean Life.

This is a story of a girl living The Clean Life.

A girl that refused to eat anything that she deemed as ‘bad’ or not part of her highly restrictive ‘diet’ plan.

Because she was all about the ‘CLEAN LIFE’.

This is a story about a girl named Sue…

Who won’t put a cupcake in her mouth because it contains 100 calories, but anything else is fair game.

She will happily risk jail time and go to the beach in Plett with a random guy she just met in the pub.

*It is illegal to go to numerous beaches in South Africa at the moment. (Unless you have a fisherman’s license)

A guy she met 5 hours ago. In a pub where she was drinking. Who knows what else she will put in her mouth when they go home together.

But she is all about the clean life, so absolutely no cupcakes.

You see, I am no ‘clean life’ expert because I believe in moderation and not fully restricting anything, but I am pretty sure it goes something like this;

Jake: Hi, would you like a cupcake?

Sue: Oh no, I couldn’t do that. I am all about the ‘clean life’.

{I have no idea why Jake has cupcakes in the bar!}

For the love of the random penis you are about to take home…

It is just a cupcake, NOT COCAINE.

What’s worse Sue, a little extra carbs, or getting jail time for going to the beach illegally, or having to go to the clinic for an anti-biotic?

What I am trying to say this festive season is;

It is ok to stray off the plan a little, without feeling guilty about it.

It’s ok to have one or two more treats than normal. Don’t deprive yourself to the point where it makes you do stupid things.

Check, I even made a video about Sue and her cupcakes…

Check out my January group coaching here. Don’t worry, it contains no beach workouts.