sober october

Sober October turns into lack of personality 2018

When dry January turns into alcohol free February and the next thing you know you are already partaking in sober October.

Sue: “Mandy, are you doing Sober October?”

Mandy: “Nah, I am doing sober 2018”

Yes, you read correctly….

I have NOT drank alcohol since the 1st of January 2018

But why! Why on earth would you do something so crazy? Alcohol makes you fun! You are not going to be fun anymore. How are you going to socialize now? People are going to judge you! Maybe you should just have on drink once in a while……

6 Reasons I stopped drinking for 1 year…..

Below are 6 main reasons that I decided to stop drinking for 1 year and see how it goes. For those of you that think it is purely for the calories and weight reason, boy you are going to be shocked

Calories don’t scare me

1. Smoking Cigarettes

I quit smoking in January 2017 and it has been the toughest thing I have done. Every time I drank, I would get hold of cigarettes and I go smoke them around the corner, like a naughty 16 year old.


2. Bad Decisions

I am not your “i’ll have one and go home” kinda girl. I am more your “One turns into two, two turns into Jager shots, and when I look again I am trying to figure out how I managed to sleep in the gutter and lose one shoe” kinda girl.


3. Hangovers

I hate hangovers more than Sue hates condoms. Curing a hangover with a salad is a lot tougher that curing it with a burger, chips and ice cream.


4. Recovery Time

I am at the age where you will need to push me around in a wheel chair for several days after I have had a rough night out. If I drink on a Friday night, I will only be up and running on a Monday. So this means, the two full days that I could have used for any sort of training is wasted.


5. Expensive

The cost of alcohol has just gone through the roof, and then if you do drink and make bad decisions, you could end up in jail, there are the bail costs and the lawyer fees, so ideally I avoid all of this.


6. Calories

The calories in alcohol are not necessarily a major issue, especially if consumed in moderation, but we all know that moderation and me are not such good mates. It’s not only the calories in the alcohol, it is the mixers, the food, the drunk take aways, etc etc.


When that first drop of alcohol hits my lips, I can already taste all the bad decisions to follow.

mandy meyer

“But Mandy, you are a lot funnier and have a better personality when you are drunk”

I know

The above pictures prove that

  • Do you drink?
  • Does it affect your fitness?
  • Have you tried stopping?

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