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Fat Loss & Sex


I know. I know. You are probably thinking ‘What The Fuck has this got to do with fitness or fat loss’.

Just hear me out…

Imagine this for a moment…

Imagine you were dating someone only for the sex. Just imagine that. Realistically, how long do you think the relationship will last?

It will go a little something like this;

● You are horny, hot headed and ready.
● Excitement is next level.
● Boom, boom, boom you are in their room.
● You got 99 problems, but a sex position ain’t one.

After a several weeks, the enthusiasm and novelty wares off. The chewing noises start getting louder. Breathing. Your partner is breathing. And can hear every breathe. A mile away.

The sex is still there. It is still happening. But it is no longer boom, boom, boom. It is more like ag no not this again.

And that’s when you need to ask yourself…..

“Can I do this forever”

And that my friends…

Is exactly how most of you approach fat loss.

You are in it just for the weight loss on the scale (sex in the relationship) and not for everything that goes with it.

● You cut carbs just to lose weight, but you actually really like carbs.
● You get the most expensive gym membership, but you despise everything about a gym.

Your weight loss journey starts off with you highly motivated. You bring your match day mentality. You ace the first two weeks, but shortly after that you lose motivation and speed.

Because you love the idea of losing weight…

but you don’t like the process you have adopted to do so.

Whether you are having sex with someone you don’t like just for the orgasms, or whether you are doing an exercise you don’t like just for fat loss, you need to ask yourself…


If the answer is no, run away. Far away.

Finding something you like doing. It makes the process much more enjoyable.

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