SA Blog Awards

SA Blog Awards…..Thank You!

Thank you so much for helping a sister out.

You, yes you. Your vote counted.

My blog won the best sport blog category and it claimed the runner up spot in the best lifestyle blog category.

It it is madness.

Good Things Guy

I always read the articles on the Good Things Guy blog. I love it.

And then one day…..

One day just over a year ago…

The Good Things Guy shared one of my blog articles.

I was stoked. I was amazed. It was madness.

A blog that size shared one of my articles.

Check it out here

And then the unthinkable happened

I was going up against them for best South Africa lifestyle blog of 2018.

From admiring them, to competing against them

And this is all thanks to you! My readers.

  • You and your vote made it possible.
  • Your continuous support
  • Your interaction
  • You shared my posts when I needed it the most

You made this happen.

This just shows that hard work pays off.

Consistency is key

If something is important to you, you won’t give up on it

At the beginning of 2017 my “digital skills” were underestimated by people. I decided to show them and MYSELF why I should never be underestimated.

If someone tells you that you can’t do something…..

Show them that you can.

A massive thank you to each and everyone of you.