Water Warrior

I am sure you have heard about the water crisis in Cape Town. Water Warriors FTW

If you are reading this from a city in South Africa or anywhere else in the world other than Cape Town, I am sure you are feeling terribly sorry for us while enjoying your 45 minute bubble bath every night.

What is a water warrior – A Water warrior is someone who goes the extra mile to save water.

7 Ways to be a Water Warrior and still exercise twice a day

It is possible to do this without starting to stink after a couple of days

1. Run in your swimsuit 

Guys, you can join up with the Love Your Nuts  guys and run in nothing but your Speedo and its all for a good cause. Then if people do look at you funny or want to lock you away for indecent exposure, you can just explain the cause.

Saves Water by having no sweaty clothes to wash. 

2. Don’t be a Douche Canoe

When running a planned race, don’ be that guy that takes 525 sachets of water just to spray your legs down. Even better, carry your own water, and only refill when necessary.

Anything left in your hydration pack or bottle can be reused at home for dishes.

3. Partake in swimming events

You can kill 3 birds with 1 stone while swimming. You pee while in the water, rinse the sweat while you swim and your exercise is the swimming. Booom!

Saves water by not having to flush your toilet or bath.

4. Freeze your gym clothes

Supposedly when you freeze your gym clothes, alongside your steak for next weekends braai (BBQ), you are killing all the bacteria which then takes away the smell.

Less washing means less water

5. Save your number 2 for the porta loo

Many events have chemical toilets, make sure to get to the race a few hours earlier just so that you can have a poo. If its not ready before the race, be sure to run it ready for after the race. If it appears to be ready mid race, run to the closest bush.

Saves water by not flushing the toilet 

6. Become a cyclist

Word on the street is that cyclists pee in their cycle suit while cycling?! If this is true, then we should all become cyclists, pee in our gear and then freeze it. Too easy.

Saves water by no flushing and no washing clothes

7. Hook up with fellow race participants

Be like Sue, be easy! Run, offer the person next to you some of your water, and then offer to freeze their clothes for them and finally offer to share a bath with them, just forewarn them that it only lasts for 45 seconds in Cape Town.

Next level water saving technique

Sooooo, I have not tried any of the above. OK I have, I have tested number three, I peed in the dam. It was so much more difficult than I anticipated. I couldn’t pee and kick at the same time, and as soon as I stopped kicking so I could pee I almost drowned.

On a serious note, you really don’t need to do any of the above, except number 2.

Here are easier ways:

  • Hang your gym towels out immediately / shortly after using them too avoid them
  • Don’t wash your running shoes every day
  • Carry your own water
  • Be sure to air out anything that can be aired out
  • Re-wear whatever you can
  • Use deodorant
  • Wet wipes
  • Shortest showers possible
  • I’ve heard freezing your clothes does actually work

There are so many ways to cut back on water.

Most days I gym in the morning and then go for a run in the evening and I still manage to use less than 50L of water per day and thats with running the household.

It can be done | You too can be a #WaterWarrior