Running and fat loss

Running & Sex Positions


I know. I know. You are probably thinking ‘What The Fuck has this got to do with fitness or fat loss’.

Just hear me out…

The Question That I get Asked The Most is…

“Mandy, is running the best exercise for fat loss?”

Now to put it in a way that majority of people will understand. That’s like me going to a sex specialist and asking…

“Is Reverse Cowgirl the best sex position for an orgasm”

You see, I am no sex expert, but word on the street is that there are multiple different sex positions. And just because the reverse cowgirl works for Sue, it doesn’t mean that it will work for you.

● You meet the love of your life
(You decide you want to lose some fat)

● You go on a couple of dates
(You focus on your nutrition for a couple of weeks / months)

● You decide to start having sex
(You decide to start incorporating exercise)

● You start with the basic sex position – Missionary
(You start increasing your steps per day)

You and your partner are now comfortable with one another – You try different sex positions
(You are now comfortable with your nutrition and basic movements – You try different activities)

● After trial and error, you find a position that fucking excites you. One that you can’t wait to do. One that isn’t a chore.

One that makes you forget about your headache.

(One that makes you forget about your excuses)

And that is the exact same thing with exercise!

You need to find an exercise that you enjoy. One that excites you. One that you don’t hate. An exercise that will leave you wanting more. Run, walk, crawl, jump, skip, row or even horse riding.

And an added bonus is…

Finding likeminded people to do it with.

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