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6 Things you are running away from when not facing your fears

You are scared, I understand that, but don’t quit before you start.

| #ToughLoveTuesday #SeriousMandy |


1. You are scared of people judging you

You think a burpee is some sort of sickness and that the downward dog is Sue’s favorite after hour position. You are scared of being the only overweight and unfit one in a gym full of fit whey-ed up athletes.

Remember: These fit people also had to start somewhere, and from my experience, they are much more helpful and less judgmental than your “friends” in the bar.

2. You are scared of failing

You are scared of failing because failure has such a negative stigma. You are scared that you will be judged if you fail. You fail once and you are too scared to try again. You are embarrassed because you told the world about your goals but you gave up when you failed.

I call bullshit. You have to fail to be able to be successful.  Live at the edge of your capabilities. You have to seek failure to learn lessons which will make you stronger.

3. You are scared of change

Please don’t mistake being comfortable with being happy. Being comfortable just means that you are existing.

Disclaimer: Be like a hobo and live for change

4. Commitment Issues

Commit to everything it is that you want to do. Set your mind to it and do it. Commitment doesn’t have an expiration date.

Example: Want to tell someone that they are an arsehole? Do it, commit to it and give it 100% Don’t half ass it, or else it will make you look like the arssehole!

5. Could you are scared of losing shit?

Afraid to say no because of all of the above as well as losing people. You are used to following people and like Sue, you have become accustomed to pleasing people due to the fear of losing them.

Disclaimer: You have a voice, use it. Say no. 

6. You are not scared, you are lazy

If you have an excuses for everything, you are not scared, you are just fucken lazy.

Everything that you are running away from is in your head


  • Want to run a parkrun? Research it and go do it
  • Want to lose 5 kilograms? Start trying today, not next Monday
  • Want do do a trail run? Find one, enter, pay and show up
  • Want to quit your job because you cant even? Not necessarily a good idea – You need money to pay for race fees, gear and healthy food!