There are so many thoughts that run through my head on a daily basis.

I often get mistaken for the quiet type, when really all I am doing is listening to and possibly judging the thoughts that Dick found fit to vocalize. Filters should NOT only be used in Instagram!

When I run its not only my legs that run, but it is also my mind. Sometimes, actually mostly, I think of the most absurd  things.

A 5 kilometer run in the mind of Sue’s creator |

Work was shit today, but I need my job as I am not ready to commit to minimalism

Ok, a quick 5 kilometer run it is

I am out the door, I’ve got this

Shit, I hope this car stops for me, is this car stopping, fucking asshole isn’t stopping. Should I run after him and act crazy, ok next time.

Oh God, there’s a random person walking in the street. What if he is going to attack me. It is South Africa, he probably is going to attack me.

Jeez, that was close. I think he smelt the fear.

This run is getting easier, maybe I will push for 7 kilometer.

Another runner, wave. This is cool.

Am I a real runner?

Stupid people, stupid people everywhere.

Ah a lady and her dog, I hope the dark doesn’t run after me. My cat is bigger than that dog. Is that a dog.

I am hungry and possibly need the loo.

Don’t shit yourself now Mandy, you literally just wrote an article about it.

Thank goodness I am not stuck in that traffic.

Air pollution.

I smell cigarettes. Who is smoking. Look at that gangster. I am so glad I stopped smoking. Life.

I can’t wait to get home and eat my chicken and broccoli



These are just a few of the random thoughts.

All of our minds are filled with thoughts, many of us use our thoughts as excuses though, and therein lies the problem.

A day in the mind of Sue, the slut who is trying to run away from her body fat |

Diet starts Monday

Awesome. Salad and stuff

Walked up the stairs twice today. Epic.

This week was great, I just wonder if I will have loose skin once I lose all this weight.

I like Dick.

This is great. My skin is great. I have loads of energy.

Sue is not pregnant

It’s been two weeks. No one has complimented me yet

Healthy eating is so expensive. I can’t afford a gym membership

Maybe I am happy with being fat

I don’t want to lose my money makers [ My boobs ]

I wonder if I can target areas. There are quick fixes, I wonder which one will suit me best.

I wonder if my regular customers will prefer the skinny me, fuck I will most likely lose customers and money.

No one wants to join me

I am not enjoying the lack of pubs, wine and local dickheads.

I wonder if my friends will still invite me out if I don’t drink anymore

This is not for me. I am out.

At least I tried

And just like that, Sue’s mind became infected! [ Thank God it was only her mind ]

We all have our good and bad days. We are all human. If you need help & support, ask for it. When someone offers advice, take it.

Don’t let your thoughts become your excuses

Disclaimer: Anything that is negative in your life [thoughts, people, bank statements], get rid of it! You don’t need negativity influencing you and your goals.