Some people run for their partners, some people run so that they can tell every single person they meet about it, others run for shiggles (Shits & Giggles), some come from a running family, others run just to run, while some are out there running barefoot and not telling anyone about it.

Let me introduce you to the #REUSEMYSHOES concept.


As runners, we go through a fair amount of running shoes but many of us rarely enjoy parting ways with them. The old shoes, like an old ex, hardly ever get used again and are only spoken about when asked.

How it is intended to work:

  1. You run your yearly kilometers
  2. Then you go buy new shoes (You should so check out Discovery Shoe boost) 🙂
  3. DON’T throw away your shoes
  4. Don’t give them to some tik smoking youth that told you some sad story at your door
  5. You HOLD onto your old shoes until I have organised drop off points
  6. Deliver your old shoes at these points
  7. I collect the shoes
  8. Package them
  9. I distribute the shoes to community based organisations who focus on sports upliftment
  10. It is as easy as Sue

So all you need to do is run.

So really you just need to proceed with normal every day life as a runner. And you need to remember to hold onto your old shoes.

Some side information

Lions Head Hike

I will be hosting a hike on the 04th of November 2017 to launch this campaign. Old shoes can be brought along.


Things you should do:

  1. Collect your old shoes
  2. Collect your friends old shoes
  3. Be nice to people
  4. Join my hike
  5. Give me your old shoes

Things you shouldn’t do:

  1. Forget to give me your old shoes
  2. Hike alone
  3. Do drugs
  4. Don’t be a doos

On a more serious note; More information to follow.