The rocks I am referring to here are the natural granite rocks, not the man-made crack cocaine rocks that are illegal.

Jumping from boulder to boulder with the sun rising in the background and the fresh inland breeze blowing across your body could have the same “free” effect as the man-made rocks, but I am not willing to put it to test.

Paarl Rock Nature Reserve is what I am smoking right now! 2 massive rocks which you can run up, climb up, walk up or crawl up if you wish.

The beauty of this area is insane.

As the effects of the 2 rocks kicked in I realized;

I realized that these 2 rocks symbolize something, they symbolize the 2 constant rocks in my journey: [Read about my journey here]

  1. Family & Friends (Very few that supported me without passing judgement)
  2. The gym I attend & it’s people (Crazy, but fantastic bunch of people)

*Disclaimer: As motivating and supportive as these rocks are, I still need to go out and get shit done.

Nothing pisses me off more than people saying;

“I am so unmotivated” No Dick, you are just lazy!

“It was so easy for you” No Dick, it was difficult, but unlike you I was committed and wasn’t lazy.

 “I don’t like doing things alone” Well Dick, then maybe Tea Parties with your bff would be a better option.


Meet Bae

Yes I was alone! Most of my activities I do alone.

No I don’t advise going alone!

No I don’t have time to rely on people to join me on runs, hikes and exercise.

If I did rely on others and motivation I would still be 35 kg overweight and drunk in a local pub somewhere, like Sue.

Find your rocks, let them motivate you, but never rely fully on motivation to get you across the line.

It takes hard work, commitment and dedication!

You see the below picture?

That’s how I feel when I hear excuses!

Excuses give me the sh!ts 🙂


Running 4 Rocks