Running 4 Reality

The pre race number pictures & Post race medal selfies are exactly the same as the before & After weight loss pictures |

You need to ask yourself, what do these pictures have in commen?

Well, neither of them have the in-between pictures.

The in-between pictures |

  • The pictures of the struggle you faced at the 10th kilometer.
  • The daily struggle
  • The saying no to things you learnt to love
  • The tears cried
  • The meltdowns
  • The skipping of parties. Saying no to wine after a stressful day. Declining chocolate.
  • The chaffing. The LSD’s. The waking up at ungodly hours on the weekends.

The in-between pictures represent reality |

No one wants to speak about the bad, rough and testing times.

The in-between pictures are what the world should see to make them realize that it is not a walk in the park. People trying to lose weight should know that it’s difficult, just so that they don’t give up during the tough times because someone else made it look easy.

To an outsider it may look like I have my shit together | I f*cken don’t.

The last month has been chaotic | Stress ball of note.

Work Stress deadlines, become homeless or buy a house, more work stress, buy a house, financial stress, toe injury, I repeat, toe injury. No running for 10 days straight now. No gym for 7 days straight. More work stress. Lack of sleep.

I am frustrated

I’ve become like Sue, I just want to put everything I see, in my mouth. Alcohol. Cigarettes, cupcakes, its all going in there.

This is my in-between | This is my real.

You may think this makes me weak | I think this makes me human.

This is reality.

The reality is that we push through the hard parts. We push through so that we have those after pictures that can remind us of how hard we worked to get where we are.