Running & Weight Loss

What is perfect?

My perfect could be running a 10 kilometer race without stopping, while your perfect could be running that same 10 kilometer race in sub 1 hour, and someone else’s perfect could just be finishing a 10 kilometer race.

Is perfect all those pictures and articles we see on social media about how good and easy it is to be fit?

Is perfect every personal best post we see on social media?

Is perfect all those picture perfect runners we see in their two piece running attire?

Is perfect all those laughing salad eating Sue’s that we see on our news feeds?

Everyone’s level of perfections differ |

Yet everyone has this unrealistic image of perfect in mind |

Perfect is not necessarily the Nike sponsored athlete, but that is the way it is advertised, and that is what we believe.

People have been made to be scared of fat, therefore people are scared of food and rest days.

We need to stop running after that perfect beach body that was advertised alongside the 1000 calorie water and rice cake diet.

We need to stop idolizing those before and after pictures that we know were taken 5 seconds apart purely for an advertising campaign.


Before and after: 1 minute apart

What is perfect?

My perfect could be staying at home on a Friday night, watching movies and drinking coffee. Sue’s perfect could be going out on a Friday night, getting wasted and passing out in a gutter somewhere. Everyone is different.

Your perfect should be what YOU are happy with |

Last weekend I was running my 4th half marathon with the sub 2:30 bus, which is slower than my usual pace, but I wanted to try running with a group.

For 21 km:

  • I felt happy
  • I felt part of something
  • I felt like I could conquer anything
  • I felt supported
  • I felt NO judgement

Running with a group of people I didn’t know, all different body sizes, different skin colors, different personal bests, different goals and different shoe brands |

Running with these people made me feel unjudged, which was my perfect moment. 

 Find your perfect, not some advertising campaigns idea of perfect.