Are they worth their price tag?

180g of Blueberries for R34.99

5 Reasons you should definitely spend your last R34.99 on this superood

1. Blueberries are dynamos of dietary fiber

20 Laxative tablets will set you back R32.95

For me, it is a no brainer. Buying blueberries is less awkward than buying laxatives and blueberries taste better.

Running 4 The Toilet

2. Blueberries can help maintain brain function and improve memory

If after two weeks on your new diet you have forgotten that you are on diet and start eating all Willy Wonkas chocolate, immediately grab a jar of blueberries to spark that diet straight back into memory.

3. Substances in them may help fight urinary tract infections

If you know who Sue is, you will know that she struggles with these kind of infections. If you don’t know who Sue is, you should read this. Sue is the lady of the night.

Sue says Blueberries for the win as it is cheaper than seeing a doctor and you don’t have to explain your actions to a tub of blueberries.

I say, go see a doctor.

4. Blueberries may help reduce muscle damage after strenuous exercise

Not only will you be able to brag about how you attend a crossfit gym, but now you will be able to brag about the expensive blueberries you eat for muscle recovery after a hectic sesh at your crossfit box.

5. They can be used as a natural food dye

Tired of eating the same old bland colorless oats every morning? Add blueberries. Fool your mind into thinking it is something new and delicious by changing the color.

Go a step further, add it to your frieken white rice and dry chicken breast.


Blueberry negatives you ask? Oh no, there is absolutely nothing negative

Just one blueberry can make even the slobiest of slobs feel like a snob.

Why buy Woolworths Blueberries before buying from other supermarkets? The packaging of course.

Disclaimer: I eat dry chicken breasts, boring oats, train at a functional gym and am proud of it, so I am allowed to make the above jokes! I am NOT the lady of the night.

Side review:

Adidas tights – Very comfortable

Adidas T-shirt – Super comfortable

Versus socks – I simply cannot live without