Health, Fitness & General Questions

You have asked the questions.

I will now try to answer them.

Please note that the below answers are my own opinion. They should be used as a guideline.

Each person will differ.

1. “Is weight training the best for weight loss?”

It drives me crazy when women are lead to believe that the only way they will lose weight is by living in the weight section at the gym.

  • Make your diet and nutrition the focal point
  • Find an exercise that you truly love doing
  • Put them together and your will form an enjoyable lifestyle

If you want to tone up or you have specific body goals that require weights, then sure go give it a go.

Please don’t be afraid to start your weight loss journey because you fear the weight section at the gym.

2. “On days that I am not training I can’t seem to eat more than about 900 calories.”

Personally, I wouldn’t advise anyone to eat 900 calories a day, but I know it is not by choice.

  • You could look at setting a weekly calorie target
  • That way, when you do train, you can eat more than your “allowance”
  • And the days that you don’t train, you won’t feel so much pressure to eat more just to hit your calorie goal.
  • So instead of aiming for 1500 calories per day…
  • You can set it to 10500 per week

To increase your calories on days that you are not training you could always try having a protein shake or protein bar during the day. That would add about 200 calories.

You could eat an extra serving of fruit, if fruit is your thing. Or add some extra pasta to your dinner.

Find a food that you like and focus on increasing those portions!?

3. “Can you issue me a meal plan?”

No. I am not qualified to issue meal plans.

Even if I was qualified, I wouldn’t issue a meal plan to anyone.

When you have a 4 week meal plan, you have to stick to that plan. There could be food on that plan that you don’t like.

  • If you don’t like something, it doesn’t last.
  • You won’t have the knowledge to substitute it for something else
  • You could become bored and start cheating

When you fail, you won’t blame yourself, you will blame me for writing a “shitty” meal plan.

What I will do is:

Provide you with the knowledge and tools to create your own meal plan that suits your needs and taste buds!

4. “I am a vegetarian living in Hong Kong and I am a fussy eater.”

We have discussed some of this on Instagram, but I did some research to see if I could find anything.

Unfortunately you are going to have to try new things 🙂

I added this question in the hope that some of my readers could help out here. Does anyone have suggestions?

How to survive Hong Kong is you are a fussy eater and a vegetarian?

5. “Do you ever eat unhealthy food?”

All the time.

I struggle with control and I have a sweet tooth.

6. “What’s your thoughts on intermittent fasting?”

I like food.

Why would I want to punish myself by not eating?

With weight loss for beginners it all boils down to the basics. The basics of calories in versus calories out.

When you fast, what are you doing? You are essentially just eating less food which means you are consuming less calories.

If it were me, I would just take my 1700 calories, be a normal human and split it between my daily meals.

You don’t like breakfast, then sure, skip it. If you love breakfast, why would you want to punish yourself by skipping it?

Once again, just my opinion.

The best advice I have:

Don’t over complicate things!