Pricing Plans

I have taken my personal weight loss knowledge, life experience and studies; and have carefully crafted the below fat loss programs.

Fat Loss Coaching Packages

Once Off
1 hour Consultation
Verbal Assessment
Calorie Calculations
Detailed Explanation of Calculations
MyFitnessPal Setup Guide
1 hour Start up Consultation
Verbal Assessment
30 Minute Start up Review session
3x 30 Minute Online Coaching Sessions
1 Hour Closing Assessment call
10x Free Self-study Guides
3 Month Block
1 hour Start up Consultation
Verbal Assessment
30 Minute Start up Review session
11x 30 Minute Online Coaching Sessions
Continuous Support via WhatsApp
1 Hour Closing Assessment call
10x Free Self-study Guides


Below is a brief explanation of how it will work:

1. Once off consultation

You will need to email me stating that you are interested in the once off consultation. Together we decide on a suitable date. You will then be emailed an information request form that you need to complete and send back to me before our session. Your hour consultation will be broken up into two 30 minute sessions, on the same day. During the first 30 minute session we will discuss your current habits. I will have all your calorie calculations ready for you. You will spend the day working on your own meal plan. Once that is done, we will have our second 30 minute session where I will assess and help adjust your meal plan.

2. The Monthly Plan

If you have been down the weight loss road but have fallen off the wagon and need a kick up the bum to get back on track, the monthly option is for you. This is not a contract, it is pay as you go.

As with the once off consultation, you will have to complete the information request sheet and send it back to me before we start. I will work out all your calorie calculations for you and email it back to you. Once you have done all your homework I have provided you with, we have a 30 minute startup session where I will assess and help you adjust your meal plan. Every week we’ll review to help you stay on track and set your goals and expectations.

3. The 3 Month Block

This is perfect for you as a beginner that needs an accountability buddy. I am that buddy. I am your accountability buddy. When you purchase the 3 month block, you will have access to me via WhatsApp, where I will answer all your questions.

The logistics are the same as the monthly plan



My one-on-one coaching sessions with you will go in-depth into your progress. From here we will address any challenges that you may be having. During these coaching sessions, I will help you adjust your action plan, your everyday habits and your eating strategies as you progress. We will work on your relationship with food as well as exercise. These coaching sessions are aimed at allowing you to continually move toward your goals, as sustainability and happily as possible. My promise to you is that I will be there for you every step of the way.


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