running 4 meyer

Running 4 Women

Run for more than a personal best. Run for the thousands of women who are, have and will be affected by breast cancer. I run for me, And I run for you, But, I run for mothers, Sisters, Daughters, I…

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Running 4 proving a point

Running – So every part of me wants to explain this experience in a seriously sarcastic manner, but its just not possible. We were sat around the dinner table at mom and dads in August 2016, just before my first…

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gun run

Running 4 the selfies

Running my first 10 km race I decided to do the Gun Run as my first 10 km race, just because that’s what everyone in Cape Town does! You basically wake up at an ungodly hour, go find parking before…

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Running 4 the first time

  10 Steps to completing my first 5 km run // My first run, other than it being a parkrun, was many things. Here are ten steps that I followed to make a success of my first 5 km run!…

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