Meal Prep 101

Meal prepping for dummies

Meal prepping is easy, a bit time consuming, but easy. I am a firm believer in prepping my meals on a Sunday.

What you will need to start your meal prep journey:

  1. Kitchen Scale
  2. Lots of frieken Tupperware
  3. Food bags
  4. The food (Healthy food) – You can’t order pizza and pack it into the Tupperware and call it meal prepping. That’s not how this shit works.
  5. Patience
  6. A plan – You can’t just throw shit together and hope it preps itself.
  7. Maybe some gangsta rap on in the background – That’s right, show that food who is boss.

Why prep meals?

  • Saves time in the evenings so you can actually go for that run you have been avoiding all day.
  • Eliminates all the guessing, which makes the chances of you over eating less.
  • No caving into take-away orders at work, because you already have your meals packed.
  • You know exactly what you are eating and it is easy to track your calorie intake.

Some excuses I have used in the past;

(And yes, below is reference to my fat ass)

“But I don’t like eating old food” – Well I bet you also don’t like your fat ass when looking in the mirror?

“What if I don’t feel like having that meal tomorrow” – Well, what if you also didn’t want to look at your fat ass in the mirror tomorrow.

“But its difficult” – Everything is difficult when you first start. Get off that fat ass of yours and take the first step to becoming better.

“But I don’t have time” – Make the effing time.

I am not saying that you will fail at getting rid of your unwanted body fat if you don’t prep your meals, but it does sure as hell make it a lot easier.


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