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Running is my first love, and food is a close second. My love for food got so much stronger when the full effects of eating to fuel my body kicked in. By eating not only to survive but to fuel the body that works extremely hard for me my running times improved and so did my stamina.

When people tell me they are cutting carbs out I just laugh. Like really, do you even know what carbs are? Why are you cutting them out? Is this what you read in some stupid health magazine?

“Sugar, ah yes I am definitely cutting out all sugar says Sue while starring at the fruit basket deciding what fruit to have next”.

“I ran 5 km and burnt 400 calories in the process so I can definitely have that slab of chocolate said Bob while complaining that he is on diet but not losing any weight”.

“I cut out take-away lunches and started having Tuna salads. To make the Tuna salad taste better I add half a jar of mayonnaise. I eat so healthy but still cant cut any weight”.

Knowledge is power

If you really want something you will work for it, and part of losing weight or eating to fuel your body is knowing what you are putting in your body. Google is there, use it. Google the different nutrients, Google the nutritional value of certain foods and sauces, Google every goddamn food you eat if necessary.

Things I wish I knew at the start of my many diets:

  • Your calories in shouldn’t be more than your calories out.
  • A calorie is not a calorie – Google that shit.
  • Sauces and spices consist of sugar.
  • Apples are one of many forms of carbs.
  • But your body needs carbs, just not buckets loads full.
  • Stay away from processed food.
  • If you love food as much as me, don’t drink your calories.
  • Just because it is advertised as healthy it doesn’t mean it is healthy.
  • Try avoid man made food and stick to “God Produced” foods.

Please keep in mind that I have only been eating healthy since January 2016 and it has all been trial and error for me. I try stick to eating as clean as possible with only adding Salt, Pepper and Olive Oil. I follow the simple rules of Paleo (Recipes) and also use MyFitnessPal.


*I eat to fuel my body


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