My nutrition coaching program is not your normal weight loss plan. I have approached and designed this plan to help educate you. My end goal is to teach you, in a couple of weeks, how to create a program that works for you. One that you can edit as you proceed with your life.

After a few weeks, I want you to be able to say, “bugger off Mandy, I’ve got this under control.”

It’s up to you…

You, yes you, decide that you want to lose weight. Your immediate thought is that you must join a gym. You join that gym and now you have that 1-year membership. You are going to go to that gym everyday and smash your weight loss goals.

Two months in and you see no results. You start getting despondent. Start asking questions. You start losing hope. You wonder if any of the people around you that are giving you this information have every been overweight. Do they know what it feels like? You stop going to gym because you feel like you have been sold a lie.

You don’t lose the weight you intended to.

In walks Mandy. Yes, that’s me.

I am not a gym owner, nor was I born with a six pack. I am your typical everyday person that faces the same struggles as you. Traffic jams, I sit in them too. Working 8-5, I have one of those as well. The constant urge to put something sweet in my mouth, yip same boat.

I am not your average FITfluencer trying to sell you shit. I am Mandy, and I want to guide you to a happier healthier you, whilst facing the exact same struggles as you. 

This is what the world of dieting and exercise needs… a no-holds-barred and honest, entertaining look at how to set and achieve goals!”

– Dwayne Evans

It’s more than just the number on the scale…

It is about creating a sustainable lifestyle that suits your needs. One that you can maintain. Therefore, I have added 10 bonus guides, which you will receive upon signing up to the monthly or 3 month block of nutrition coaching. This should be used as self-study material.


10 Self-study guides included in the plan

Study Guides
Once-off purchase of 10 study guides
If you are not keen on the coaching side of things, but need a little guidance to help you in the right direction and kick start your weight loss journey, purchase these study guides now. These are self-study guides that contain more than enough information to guide you to success, along with your hard work of course.

Bobby Learns How To Swim Analogy

  • Little Bobby can’t swim.
  • Shame, little Bobby’s mom is worried that when he is surrounded by water, he can’t stay afloat.
  • Bobby’s mom hires a swim instructor to teach him the fundamentals of swimming.
  • After several weeks of swimming lessons Bobster can now stay afloat, on his own.
  • Bobby’s mom chucks the water wings and get rid of the swim instructor.
  • Little Bobby is now on his own, but not overwhelmed by all the water anymore, because he knows how to swim.
  • Because Bobby now knows the basics, he feels safe to incorporate new swimming styles.
  • And he continues teaching himself.


It’s the same as you. You want to lose weight, but you have no idea where to start. You are overwhelmed by all the different information out there. Really, you have no idea if what you are doing is correct, or if you are just making things worse.

It feels like you are drowning

I will teach you the fundamentals of weight loss with these nutrition coaching plans. Mainly, I want to provide you with the tools that you need so that you can carry on by yourself, knowing that you are doing the right thing. Could write you a meal plan. You won’t have any idea how I chose those foods. You just eat them and hope that you lose weight. I charge you meal plan by meal plan for the rest of your life.

I will never do that though. Because I want you to be like Bobby.

After a couple of weeks, I want you to walk away from me knowing that you can create your own sustainable lifestyle.

A lifestyle created by you. A lifestyle that works for you.