Weight Loss

How I Lost 35 kilograms

It’s time. It’s time that I give you the full story about my weight loss in one article.

Watch top 10 tips for weight loss Now {This is what I did}

Fast Facts About My Weight Loss

  • Starting Weight: 107 kilograms
  • Start Date: 04 January 2016
  • Lowest Weight: 67 kilograms
  • Lowest Weight Reached by: September 2017
  • Current Weight: 75 Kilograms (I think)
  • Diet Followed: Paleo for first 3 months
  • Diet followed Currently: As healthy as possible and in a calorie deficit most days
  • Stopped Smoking: 04 January 2017
  • Diet Attempts: Several thousand

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a number of questions that I get asked on a regular basis.

1. Did you just decide that it was time to lose weight?

No. I tried several times, but I tried all the wrong things. I tried every diet possible. One can only be called fat so many times before you decide enough is enough.

2. How did you get started?

  • A date was set (4th Jan 2016).
  • I set up a monthly calendar & put it on the fridge.
  • Set up the basics that had to be done
  • Jumped on the scale
  • I took before photos (This was eye opening)
  • Goals and targets were set

3. What goals did you set?

> My main goal was to lose 30 kilograms. I didn’t set a time frame. I told myself to take it as it comes.

> My smaller goals were just to focus on 1 kilogram loss at a time. 1 meal at a time & 1 day at a time.

4. What was the toughest part?

The toughest part was definitely the first 3-4 weeks.

5. Why is was that the toughest?

Because I had no idea what I was doing. I had no idea if I was going in the right direction. I could see the number on the scale dropping bit by bit, but no one on the outside can see it yet, so you get no compliments.

It feels like you are doing it for nothing.

6. When does it start getting easier?

When people start noticing the weight loss. They then start complimenting you. You then start feeling better about yourself. It feels worth it. You start wanting it more.

This time period will differ form person to person, depending how much weight is lost and by when.

7. How did you stay on track during the first few months?

Took photos of myself on a regular basis. Compared them to my before photos. So even when the numbers on the scale are not dropping, I could see a difference on the photos.

The difference on the photos was a major motivation for me.

8. When was the bulk of the weight lost?

  • January 2016 – Lost about 7 kg’s (No alcohol consumed)
  • February 2016 – Lost about another 7 kg’s (No Alcohol consumed)
  • March 2016 – Lost about 3 kg’s (Had two party weekends this month)
  • April 2016 – Oct 2016 – Lost about 8 kg’s
  • Nov 2016 – June 2017 – Maintained weight at 80 kg’s
  • July 2017 – Sept 2017 – Lost 10 kg’s
  • Oct 2017 – Jan 2018 – Injured and put on 5 kg’s (Happily)

9. What did you eat?

I cut out all take-aways. Cut out all processed foods. Added more greens to my meals. Added more lean protein. Kept it basic. Chicken. Mince. Salads. Steaks. Veggies.

I drank Sprite Zero and I still do. I increased my water intake.

10. Did you lose motivation?

I didn’t really lose motivation.

Motivation Challenge

I had this cool challenge going with myself: Try something new every month

  1. January 2016: Not drink for a month
  2. February 2016: Walk to the shop instead of drive
  3. March 2016: Join boot camp
  4. April 2016: Hike Lions Head for the 1st time
  5. May 2016: Hike Table Mountain for the 1st time
  6. June 2016: Do my first parkrun

I think you get where I am going with this….

Get out of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself.

Create habits


Most people believe that you need to jump straight into hard core exercising or running.

Wrong! Start with the basics.

Move more.

The bulk of my weight was lost without any major exercises.

Read more here

Fast Forward to November 2018

I am currently on my goal weight, and I am happy with where I am. I think in the beginning we fixate on the end goal and number that we actually forget to start. For me now, I am all about being fit and healthy and having fun.

I want a donut, I eat a donut. 

I have gained so much knowledge and along with that, I have learnt to control myself.

How do you stay on track now

  • I still set myself goals.
  • Challenge myself.
  • Never stop striving to be better.
  • Work my ass off.

When others are enjoying their sleep, I am awake working on bettering myself.

Running Milestones

  1. January 2016: Start Walking
  2. June 2016: Ran my first 5 km
  3. October 2016: Ran my first 10 km
  4. May 2017: Ran my first half marathon (21.1 km)
  5. Oct – Dec 2017: Injured
  6. July 2018: Ran my first marathon (42.2 km)

My Advice

Be more inquisitive.

You are not inquisitive enough.

Google everything! If you want to lose weight so badly, stalk everyone who has lost weight. Read their stories, take their advice.

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You want it bad enough, you will stalk the shit out of all my profiles until you find something that hits home and works for you!

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You need to stop looking for shortcuts

You have to be willing to lose friends

Don’t stress, you will make new friends

Lay off the booze for a while

*If you have any great tips on how to start the weight loss process, please share them in the comments below.