Weight Loss Motivation


What Motivates You?

What motivates me, may not necessarily motivate you.

Sue’s favorite position is the downward dog. This doesn’t mean Sally from down the road will like it.

Sally might like the reverse cowgirl more.


Everyone has their own reason why

  • Bob’s motivation to lose weight could be so that he can clip his toe nails with ease.
  • Bill wants to get healthier so that he can be an example to his kids.
  • Kim aims to get a 6 pack because she heard that is what you need to be a fitness influencer.
  • Sally quit smoking when she found out that she was pregnant.

Find out now what motivated me to stop drinking last year….

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I received this in an email this morning….

Ooh, and in the motivation side: my first surfboard is getting delivered today. I won’t lie, 87% of my motivation to eat well and move is in order to be better at surfing!

You need to establish what you want

What makes you happy

And you need to work at it every day

The Sue Scenario

Sue loves learning new things.

She finds out that she has only mastered the art of 65 out of the 100 positions in the Karma Sutra.

Therefore, that leaves here with 35 new positions she hasn’t tried yet.

Sue gets highly motivated and excited to wake up each day to learn new things.

It fascinates me to see what motivates other people…….

Whether it be in your daily life, or your job, maybe your running, your health or weight loss…

Therefore, I would love to know

What motivates you?