Meal Prep

I have listened 

I have gone through all my DM’s on Instagram as well as my inbox on Facebook.

The most asked question….

“How the hell do we start with meal prepping?”

Let’s get real here.

Meal prepping is not just about;

  • throwing different foods together,
  • putting the cooked food in different Tupperware and;
  • then storing it in the fridge.

There are one or two steps that need to be followed prior to jumping into the kitchen and going meal prep crazy…

Steps prior to cooking

*Because it is important to know what to cook and how much of it to cook

  1. Download the MyFitnessPal app
  2. Calculate your daily calorie intake needed for fat loss
  3. Go to the in app food diary
  4. Enter some breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas
  5. Keep what you like & what suits your calorie requirements
  6. Essentially you are creating your own meal plan with foods that you enjoy

You are not just meal prepping to make life easier…..

You are meal prepping because you want to lose weight! So the above is of utmost importance!

Things you will need

  1. A small kitchen scale
  2. Lots of Tupperware, with their lids
  3. Ziplock bags
  4. Data for your phone for MyFitnessPal to work
  5. Patience
  6. Salt & Pepper

You can’t order pizza and pack it into the Tupperware and call it meal prepping. That’s not how this shit works.

*Well you could, but if weight loss is your goal, then the pizza plan won’t work.

How many days to prep for?

I prep on Sunday for Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, which involves:

  • 3 x Lunches / 3 x Dinners / 3 x Snacks

I prep on Wednesday evening for Thursday & Friday, which involves:

  • 2 x Lunches / 2 x Dinners / 2 x Snacks

*Please note that breakfasts I have oats and an apple, so not much prepping for that.

I prep twice just so that I don’t eat the same for 5 days in a row, and for freshness.

Boring Me

Lunches: I have chicken, cauliflower & pumpkin

Dinner: Mince, gem squash, sweet potato, Corn on the cob

Snacks: Cucumbers, Carrots, Green beans

*You can cook and eat whatever you feel you want, or what works for you. Play around on MyFitnessPal and work out different meal plans for yourself that suit your calorie needs.

My food does vary, this is just an example.

The Weekends

I like to live on the wild side of life, so I don’t prep for the weekends


  1. Calculate your calories
  2. Calculate how many meals you need
  3. Write out your shopping list and go shopping
  4. Keep it simple
  5. Use easy cooking techniques (Oven roast and boil)

You don’t only have to eat Mince or Chicken

Stop believing that you need to eat salad to lose weight

Test different foods

Find what works for you

Don’t over complicate things

I follow a very basic meal plan, so if you have any more advice for beginners or meal recipes, please share them in the comments.

Drop your questions in the comments box as well.