Meal Prepping

Many people think I am mad because of all the meal prep that I do, but let me tell you a little secret….

Meal prepping is not only for us cool kids

Meal prepping is for everyone

This are the most popular saying…….

  • I don’t have time

This makes me angry, because if something is important to you, you will make the time.

The benefits of meal prepping

1. No wandering eye

You’ve made your food, now you have to eat it. The chances of you ordering take aways or eating junk becomes less.

Sue: “Ah but I don’t like eating the same thing for three days in a row”

Me: “Eat a dick, Sue”

2. Total Control

You know how many calories you are eating, which is great because you really should be tracking your calories if your aim is to lose weight. You know exactly what you are putting in your mouth and when, unlike Sue.

3. Time saver

The less you have to cook during the week, the more time you have for after hour activities. And by after hour activities I mean running, walking or exercising. I don’t mean Sues after hour activities, those are dangerous activities that could potentially lead to unwanted objects in your mouth and STD’s.

4. Excuse eliminator

Sue: “I don’t have time like you do to eat healthy and exercise”

Me: “But you have time to down ten shots, sip on 5 cocktails and possibly take a stranger home?”

Once you have done your meal prep you will have so much more time. I don’t feel I need to explain this.

5. Less trips to the grocery store

The less you go to the grocery store, the less you are faced with temptation. Anything could happen while you are at the grocery store. You could find that the chocolates are jumping into your shopping cart on their own, or in Sues case, you could meet an old flame, end up having ten shots at the local and then end up with his dick in your mouth.

Tip: Avoid the grocery store when hungry. In Sue’s case, avoid the grocery store when horny.


Meal prepping reduces the chance of unwanted objects finding their way into your mouth.

Just like Sue has a way of making things hard, so do most of us. We make ourselves believe that meal prepping is hard, therefore we don’t do it.

I call this……


Myth: Meal prepping takes forever and is extremely difficult

Here is the video that busts the above myth

[Click on the link below to watch video now]

Meal Prepping for dummies

Still have excuses?

Bonus Reading Material

Many people have gone as far as saying:


“Mandy, you are a good cook and you take meal prepping to the next level. You have such variety therefore you don’t get bored of your food”


“I have been eating dry chicken breasts, broccoli, cauliflower and Pumpkin for lunch for the past two and a half years”

There are weeks in between that I take a break and eat steak or sushi or really nice food, but after that week, I go straight back to my boring and bland chicken.

Also, if I don’t know something or I want ideas, I Google stuff.

Google Meal Prep Ideas, it is that easy