Meal Plans for weight loss

Meal plans make me cringe

And when asked for a meal plan, I pull a face like the one to the left.

That’s my “What The Actual Fuck” face, and yes, it is pretty much exactly the same as Sues “Don’t stop now” face.

I could give away meal plans like Sue gives away hand jobs, very easily and cheaply.

You see, meal plans are like hand jobs

  • You can do them yourself, but it’s less effort if someone else does it for you
  • 9 times out of 10, a small fee is charged for a once off service
  • And it’s not long before it gets boring

We are not freely handing out hand jobs, well most of us, so why would we just hand out meal plans?

Generic Meal Plans

These meal plans that you download or pay an once off fee for are potentially setting you up for failure.

Why you ask?

  • The plan could contain food that you really dislike
  • You could get bored of eating the same shit every day
  • You have no idea how many calories you are consuming
  • It is not sustainable over long periods of time
  • Its easy to blame the meal plan instead of yourself

Once you are done with your 28 day meal plan, what do you do then?

You haven’t been taught about food groups, how they work or what foods you can substitute for foods you prefer.

Failure is on the cards

Most times the meal plan we are given works for the first 28 days….

Dick: Oh wow Sue, you look great, how did you lose so much weight?

Sue: I bought a meal plan

Dick: Wow, and it worked?

Sue: Yes, I ate 2 eggs for breakfast, lunch was spinach and dinner was a pork chop. I was even allowed to have a potato every 2nd day.

*Dick races to the nearest meal plan store to purchase this miracle meal plan.

Why does it work?

Because they have cut your calories finer than a crack head cuts his cocaine.

My Goal

My goal is to teach as many people possible about creating a caloric deficit and how to do it by themselves. By doing this, they will be gaining the basic knowledge of food groups and will be able to create a sustainable lifestyle, that they choose, for themselves.

If they fail, they can only blame themselves, instead of blaming some generic meal plan.

Disclaimer 1: The above is all my personal opinion

Disclaimer 2: Even if I was going to issue you with a meal plan, I can’t

Please note that many people work side by side with their dietitians to create what works for them. Many people are given different meal options and provided with day by day advise and support.