Whether it is good or bad, it is always…

Just one more

Just one more kilometer, just one more drink, one more chocolate, one more shot, one more kilogram, one more hike, one more pair of shoes, and for Sue, just one more one night stand.

Even Britney Spears wants it one more time.

On that note…

My Blog, Sue and I have all survived 1 year of the internet.

Running 4 Meyer turns 1

My idea for this blog when I started was for it to be more of a diary for me to keep track of my events, weight loss and everything that goes with it.

I am not quite sure what happened, but all of a sudden it went from a personal diary to a novel with a main character called Sue.


The Growth

Not the growth that Sue likes.

The growth of followers and readers

Many people measure their success on the amount of followers, fans or likes they have.

I don’t

But, I do need them.

Because, the more followers I have, the more my story gets out there.

And the more my story gets out there, the more I could potentially help someone.

The more people I help and inspire, well that’s how I measure my success.

Quick 1 year Statistics

  1. Social Media – 10 000 followers

  2. Blog Visitors – 10 000 Visitors

  3. Views – 20 000 Views

  4. Blog Articles – 52 Blog Posts

  5. Countries Reached – 115 Reached

In the last year:

  • I have gone through more KT Tape than Sue has gone through men
  • I have ran a marathon
  • Eaten an ungodly amount of dry chicken breasts
  • Met some of the most amazing people
  • Changed gyms
  • Gone from a Tequila shot drinker to a non drinker
  • Grown as a person
  • Dropped the F bomb multiple timess

Over the last year, I have realized that my main aim for this blog along with my online brand is here for one reason, and that reason is..

To help people

And maybe make them laugh

And cringe a bit

Thank you

To everyone that has read my articles, followed my blog, liked my shitty pictures on Instagram, retweeted my pointless posts on Twitter and hit the like button on Facebook, thank you so very much. The more you continue to do this, the more we can help and inspire people around us.

So, here is to one more year