Fat Loss Ways

Jealousy Makes You…

Jealousy makes you nasty.

Nasty makes you fat.

Fat makes you ugly.

And that is a fact.

Now, I am not usually one for the serious posts, but…

How crazy is this;

The above rhyme is one that I grew up with, and I think it was not only me. I think it was / is a very popular rhyme in households and amongst kids at schools.

And as I sing this stupid rhyme over and over in my head, I realise just how fucked up it is. I keep getting stuck at this point…

Fat Makes You Ugly

And this is something that was taught to us. Something that was sung to us. And then we would sing it to others.

I mean, I have so many questions…

● Surely there is a better way to teach kids about jealousy?
● How the fuck does being nasty make you fat?
● Surely we need to teach kids that they are beautiful, no matter what?
● Where were these poorly researched facts sourced?

Now, you are probably thinking…

Ag Mandy, it is just a little rhyme, it won’t hurt anyone

But, that is where I disagree!

Kids look up to their peers. Kids learn from their peers. Kids mimic their peers. Kids absorb so much information. You swear too much in front of a baby, it’s first words could very possibly be fuck. That’s how they role.

So when you sing ‘Fat makes you ugly”, that could very well stick in the kids mind. For a very long time to come.

It can change the way they look at and perceive an overweight person, and;

It can change the way the look and perceive themselves.

And it is a royal fuck up.

So now you have been made to believe that fat is ugly. You have gained a bit of weight. And instead of seeing yourself as beautiful, you immediately see yourself as ugly.


Because that’s what you were constantly told as a kid. And it stuck. It stuck with you for many years.

⮞ And so the negative self-talk starts.

⮞ And so the confidence levels drop.

⮞ And so the hunt for the next diet starts.

⮞ And so the search for the next weight loss challenge starts.

It is a vicious cycle. A fucking never-ending one. It is draining. It is tiring.

It is a cycle that we need to break.

So how do you even go about breaking this cycle, where do you even start?

Teach your kids that fat is NOT ugly.

And that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colours.

Teach your kids that;

● Being healthy is more important than being on diet.
● Your size doesn’t define your health status, your beauty or your worth.
● To love themselves for who they are.
● To respect and be kind to other kids.

And lastly, teach your kids that…

Yes, jealousy is not nice.

But, also teach them and help them understand why.

Don’t just make up some shit rhyme.