Sue Does Sandton

Old Sue from Sandton is always looking for the next best thing.

Because she believes that the next best thing is what will make her happy.

To Sue, happiness is…

The next best job. The next best diet. The next best boyfriend.

And so she goes through all these things over and over, in search of happiness. She is searching for an illusion of happiness created by society, while disliking every second of it.

*Sue also believes that a certain goal weight will bring about happiness.

While her best friend, Karen…

Karen from Krugersdorp

Doesn’t give two shits about the next best thing. Because Karen isn’t worried what people think about her. She doesn’t have the best paying job, but she loves what she does.

She is married to ou Pieter, and her and Piet pomp 5 times a week.

(In their mustard colour Ford Cortina.)

Bless, she really does love Pietie.

She is happy.

*Karen has a goal weight in mind, but she is not waiting to reach that specific weight until she pomps Pieti with the lights on.

You see, here’s the thing…

Karen from Krugersdorp will drop her panties as soon as she hears the rev of that 2L engine, because she loves ou Piet. She is happy now. She is happy with who she is.

She will wake up at the crack of dawn to go milk the cows, because she absolutely loves her job. None of it seems like a chore to her, because it is what she is passionate about.

Therefore she can do it everyday and be happy.

I can’t say the same about Sue though!

She is always late for work. She only tolerates her boyfriend because he has been on the front of 6 magazines. She hates her diet because it doesn’t allow her to eat carbs, and the Axe body spray fumes at her elite CrossFit gym gives her allergies.

But, on social media she is all about #LIVINGMYBEST

That was a long story just to tell you that you need to find happiness within, instead of relying on external sources.

And here is a very hard to hear fact, but it has to be said…

If you are not happy now, you won’t be happy when you reach your goal weight.

Happiness & weight are two different entities.

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