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You can’t make this weight loss shit up

FEATURED ON A GYM WEBSITE | The TrainStation Fitness Centre 

At some point in my life I wast voted most likely to feature on a milk carton as missing or even better, passed out in a gutter smelling of bad life choices and old Tequila, but yet, here I am on a gym website.

A gym, like as in a place where fit people go, and if they are not fit, they are at least trying to get fit.

Read my story here.


Once again, who would have thought this would ever happen to me, becoming a brand ambassador for the leading running sock company in the USA and now in South Africa. I started as an ambassador in January 2018 and have experienced nothing but excellence and comfort.

I have also been privileged enough to feature on their website. Find out how running helped me in life.

Read my story here.

IN A MAGAZINE | The People Magazine

My story made it into a magazine. Great. Now people have something to read about while sitting on the toilet. This article is way more than my weight loss.

“Mandy hasn’t always been a budding athlete. In fact, just last year January she was, what you’d term, a ‘typical couch potato’. She weighed 105 kilograms, smoked 30 cigarettes a day…….”

Be A Sole Provider & #REUSEMYSHOES

Read my story here.


I was approached by the guys at SleekGeek asking for my story. Yes weird, usually I would get approached by guys trying to sell me illegal substances.

At first I was not keen on sharing my story as I am a very personal kind of person, but I realized that my story could motivate others.

Read my story here.

HELPING OUT | Good Things Guy  

I may seem like I don’t like people but that is only certain people,  unkind people. I am a firm believer in that you should be kind to everyone no matter what their position at work or in life is.

Stop being an obnoxious self absorbed prick and start being kind to people, all people, even if you think you are better than them – News flash, you probably aren’t.

With the help of my community, strangers and my legs, we managed to help someone in need.

Find out more here.



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