Running Stereotypes

Healthy Living Stereotypes

5 Toxic Myths

These “stereotypical” myths could prevent you from living a healthier life and losing weight.

Oh but Mandy, you have only been doing this for three years, what do you know?

I have experienced all of these…

Except for number 3.

1. The Runners Body

  • Myth: You have to have a “runners body” to run.
  • Truth: You don’t need to be slender to run.

I’ve seen many people all with different body types run.

Kids run away from their parents. Guys run away from their angry girlfriends. Thieves run away from the cops. Most of us adults run away from the debt collectors at one point in our lives.

*If you have a body and you want to run, then run. Give it a go.

2. Women Do Cardio, Men Lift Weights

  • Myth: Women should stick to spinning
  • Truth: Women should do what they want

If a woman wants to lift weights, then she should lift weights. If a woman wants go shoe shopping and spend all her money at once, she should do that.

“But Mandy, lifting weights will make women bulky”

Lifting one or two weights a couple of times a week will not make you a body builder.

Men can spin as well, they don’t necessarily need to do weight.

3. Hippie High

  • Myth: Yoga is for hippies
  • Truth: Yoga is for everyone.

Does a yoga fanny fart occur with hippies only? No. No they don’t. Fanny farts don’t discriminate, they happen to all yoga ladies. #WordOnTheStreet

*I don’t think the yoga men have fanny farts.

4. Salad Jars

  • Myth: Meal prepping and diets should include salad in salad jars if you want to lose weight
  • Truth: Don’t waste your money

Firstly, eating salad is not a prerequisite for dieting.

You can lose weight without eating salad.

Secondly, if you do enjoy salad and you are going to eat it, you don’t need to run out to buy mason jars.

5. Judgmental Judy

  • Myth: Everyone is going to judge you if you walk into a gym
  • Truth: These are actually some of the most supportive people

Over the past 3 years I have encountered 10 different group trainers.

I have only felt judged by 1 of these 10. #Bless

The trainers are there to help you, support you, teach you and motivate you. If you find one bad egg, just move on.

Everywhere we look we are going to be encountered with:

  • Toxic People
  • People trying to be funny but coming across as mean
  • Salad Jar Meal Prepping videos

Don’t let people tell you what you can and can’t do

Get rid of the toxic

It is as easy as unfriending someone on Facebook

*Most of my myths have probably been answered with a stereotype

I was always very worried that I would be judged. As an English speaking kid in an Afrikaans school it wasn’t very easy. Judgement was lurking around every corner. It wasn’t easy.

Have you ever had any thought in your mind that kept holding you back?

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