6 Week Plan

Are you tired of falling off the wagon when trying to lose weight?

I know exactly how it all plays out. You start a new diet, you are exceptionally motivated, you restrict multiple different foods. After 2 weeks you drop some weight, but your urge to eat everything in sight is just to much to contain. You then fall off the wagon.

With over 40 fat loss & mindset tutorial videos and more than 100 recipes, I can take you past that 2 week mark. I’ll teach you how to lose weight while eating the foods that you love. I’ll change the way that you look at food, the way you look at your body and the way you look at getting healthy.

I will give you the accountability, motivation and the tools that you need to lose weight and love the process.

Let me teach you how to get healthy and lose weight without ever having to say ‘DIET STARTS MONDAY’. After 6 weeks of my guidance and lessons, you will NEVER have to do another quick fix.

  • ____
  • This is not your typical group challenge where you compete against the other group members to see who can lose the most weight.
  • This is a program designed to help more than one person at once in a cost effective manner.
  • Being a group program and not a challenge, over 6 weeks you will recieve guidance, support, motivation, absolutely nothing generic and most importantly, there will be no star jump challenges or shit like that.
  • I use the 6 weeks to teach you everything you need to know about sustainable fat loss and healthy living.
  • This plan runs once every eight weeks and is a good starting point with accountability in group format. All information stays exactly the same as the other plans.
  • R999/ 6wks
  • Next Program: 01 Nov 2021 - 12 Dec 2021
  • Included
  • Weekly Zoom Calls
  • Private Facebook Lives
  • Basic chat support from coach
  • Group support
  • Date: 01 Nov 2021 - 12 Dec 2021
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  • Your payment can be split into two payments if needed.
  • 2x R550
  • *Please email me if you have further enquiries: mandy@running4meyer.com

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