got wood

Weight Loss

Ph(f)at to fit – [Things I wish I knew]


Not the wood that Sue likes | The actual wood from trees.

Good, because you will need a lot for all the amount of bridges you will be building.

You are probably thinking to yourself “What the hell is this woman on about now”!

Well I can bet Sue’s virginity on the fact that everyone who is reading this and has tried to or who is trying to lose weight has been through some of the below:

  • Ate KFC | Build a bridge
  • Someone says something nasty | Build a bridge
  • Didn’t run as fast as you wanted | Build a bridge
  • Ate healthy, didn’t lose weight this week | Build a bridge
  • Work sucked | Build a bridge
  • The weekend only has two days | Build a bridge
  • Got drunk and ate fast food | Build a bridge
  • Had 3 cheat days instead of 1 cheat meal | Build a bridge
  • Skipped gym to smoke weed | Build a bridge
  • Gained 2 kilograms | Build a bridge
  • Got uninvited from boozy weekends | Build a bridge

Now, what do you do with all these bridges that have been built after things didn’t go as planned? You get the fuck over it

Mistakes are there to be made.

There to be learnt from.

Mistakes should not mean the end.

Learn to pick yourself up immediately instead of dwelling on it for ten days. Weight Loss happens over time

Build a bridge (pronounced: We-all-make-mistakes)

PS – Yes, that is a wooden penis shaped bottle opener in my hand!