Weight loss

Firstly, screw resolutions. Secondly, set realistic goals

Usually I write something not so funny, sarcastic or crude | Not today. I have gone through many blog articles over the past couple of days, what have I seen?

Unrealistic weight loss and health resolutions

Resolution: I want to lose 35.33 kilograms this year. By February you have failed. Why? Because you have no frieken idea what you are doing, you don’t see the figure on the scale drop and you give up.

I believe in short term goals, such as the ones below that helped me: 

If you don’t believe the below, read my transformation here

Goal 1. Gain knowledge on different food types | For the love of Sweet Potatoes, find out what carbs are and why they are not bad for you.

Goal 2. Move more | Know that you don’t have to run 46.2km a day to lose weight

Goal 3. Drink water | Read about water and the function it plays within your body

Goal 4. Research Calories | Find out what food contains what calories. Find out what a caloric deficit is.

Goal 5. Frieken research everything | Be interested in what is happening to your body

Goal 6s – 10

Goal 6. Download and learn to use a ‘health” app of choice | There are apps to help you track everything. There are apps that help you with basic exercises. Download the shit, they are free.

Goal 7. Stop making excuses and blaming others | Yes I said it, stop with the bullshit you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t lose weight. Stop hanging out with assholes that pressure you into doing shit until you can control doing that shit.

Goal 8. Become inquisitive about what you are putting in your body | Unlike Sue

Goal 9. Research and join free activities. |

Goal 10. Focus on yourself | And for the love of rain in Cape Town, please stop relying on others for help. You want something, go get it yourself!

Disclaimer: Follow the above goals daily, put in the effort, remain consistent, don’t give up, work hard for a couple of months and you will see a difference in your body and the scale.

See examples below:

Sue’s Unrealistic Resolution: Stop sleeping with strangers

One small problem with thisSue’s panties drop faster than a busted parachute at the sound of the Tequila bottle opening.

Just like Sue needs to admit that it is her drinking problem that leads her to taking randoms home, you need to admit that you want to change something to become healthier.

Disclaimer: If you don’t want to change anything, you don’t need to admit anything.