The word “Bang’d” can mean so many things |

  • Sue got bang’d in the back seat of her rover
  • Dick smuggled drugs and got bang’d up abroad
  • Sally asked one too many stupid questions and got bang’d across the head with a baseball bat

Or, in my case, I have a bang’d up toe.

So, how does one stay mentally stable while going through the busiest, most stressful season ever at work and not able to de-stress by running and gyming?

*I haven’t posted in a while as I have been busy testing the below theories 😉

6 Things you should NOT do to kill time while injured |

1. Start a veggie garden

Starting a vegetable garden requires two legs, one to balance and one to push the spade into the ground. My injury was to the foot.

Solution: Let the garden die instead

2. Think you are a rock star

Drinking shots of Tequila at 2 O’clock on a Saturday afternoon while smoking 5 cigarettes at once is also not the answer. You may think that this will ease the pain, however I can tell you that it won’t.

Solution: Focus on avoiding the building of the vegetable garden.

3. Take down the bathroom door

Taking down the door of the bathroom to scrape paint off the door frame is also not the answer. Yes it kills time, but it also means there is no bathroom door, and this is not good if you are a shy shitter.

Solution: Wait until you are mobile before you start any renovations

4. Feel sorry for yourself 

Don’t feel sorry for yourself because that will lead to you to believing that the only way to happiness is craft beer and Jagerbombs.

Solution: Shy shitting

5. Get fat, again

I was told “Oh, you can’t run, just don’t get fat again”. Ok, noted and thanks for your useless input into my life!

Solution: Scraping door frames burns 350 calories per hour

6. Listen to strangers

Don’t invest your ample time into listening to random people that mean nothing to you. People are going to give you the strangest advice and make the weirdest comments, especially if they see you walking around in a moon boot. Ignore them.

Solution: Shock them, drop the C bomb to their face

| Moral of the story |

  • Trying to lose weight?
  • Recovering from an injury?
  • Dealing with stupid people?

Patience, you are going to need patience!