Oh, she’s a goal digger

Goals form a fundamental part of a success story. I am a firm believer in goals. Goals need to specific, clear and well defined.

It is very important for goals to be reachable and to be set as small attainable goals.

Goal Examples

1. Lose 30 kilogram

I would start by choosing a reasonable figure, such as 1 kilogram. I would then choose a time frame, such as two weeks. That would be my goal.

Lose 1 kilogram every two weeks.

2. Run a marathon

Start off by assessing my current running situation. The furthest I have run to date is a 5 km parkrun. Therefore I would be realistic and aim for a 10 km and then a 21 km.

Once I have run the 21 km, I would re asses and then work towards the 42 km.

Here are some tips:

  • Make your goals measurable
  • Break the main goal into smaller goals
  • Don’t be afraid to recalculate your goals
  • Don’t let outsiders affect your goals

*Your goals belong to you, not to those judging you

Body Goals – How falseness and pretentious bitches affect our goals

Watch it now

The Sue Scenario

Me: “Sue, what’s your goal for 2019?”

Sue: “I want to be a better person and live a healthier life”

Me: “Ok great, how do you intend to achieve this?”

Sue while scratching her head: “mmmmm Fuck…..”

The problem with this goal is that it is such a massive goal that Sue could very well lose her way while trying to achieve greatness in 2019. Sue has nothing to measure her small successes and achievements with, because she didn’t set up smaller goals within the greater goal.

Me: “Sue, you need to set 5 small achievable targets that you can work towards that will help make you a better person.”

Sue: “Ah ok, I get it now.”

Me: “Sue, what are your smaller goals within the great goal?”

Sues 5 smaller goals

1. Instead of getting absolutely hammered every weekend of the month, aim for only getting hammered once a month

2. Stop giving out hand jobs to strangers. The only person who gets hand jobs is hubby.

3. Stop trowing eggs at the prostitutes.

4. Instead of walking to the pub, walk to the park. Try do this 3 times a week

5. Try saying please and thank you instead of fuck you.

Small reachable targets are vital

Don’t let anyone stand in your way of reaching these goals

Don’t make your goals to easy, but also don’t make them ridiculously out of reach

Ask for help if need be

I would love to hear from you what has worked for you and what hasn’t worked for you when it comes to targets and goal setting….