Knysna Marathon

The first time always hurts

You have researched, planned, prepared and practiced, just so that on the day of your first, you feel in control, at ease and comfortable.


No amount of bum cream or Vaseline can prepare you for whats about to happen.

5 Ways to reduce pain during the fundamental first

1. Empty your bladder and bowels fully 

It is never good to go at it with a full bladder or bowels. Nerves could get the better of you, especially as it is your first time, so try and get rid of any liquids or solids before starting.

2. Lower your expectations

Don’t overthink things, just go into it without any expectations and take it as it comes #NoPunIntended.

3. Talk about it

If you are feeling nervous, you could speak about it. Speak to someone who has done it before and knows the ins and outs. This could put your mind at ease and could possibly prevent any nervous wee’s and poo’s when least expected.

4. Start small

Go big or go home may not be the best motto for your first time. Start with something shorter and work your way up to the big one. Starting to big could lead to injury.

5. Take it slow

Don’t start to fast, pace yourself. The last thing you want is to have to pull out half way in because you started to fast. Control yourself during the initial stages when excitement is telling you otherwise.

The first Threequarters should be done with the head and the last quarter done with the heart

If 1 tip is not enough, here are some more:

  • It is going to be a sweaty affair
  • Your legs will get tired
  • Your mouth will get dry
  • At some point you may start feeling hungry
  • Chafing is real
  • It will feel as though you just can’t anymore
  • You will become emotional at the end
  • There will be tears of joy
  • The urge of wanting to do another one will be strong
  • You will want to brag about it to family and friends

Running a marathon is never an easy task

especially if it is your first.