Fuck The Diet, Not The Waiter

I know what you are thinking, and no that is not what I meant.

Ditch the diet. Screw the diet. Throw the diet out the window. Fuck the diet.

Stop restricting foods. That’s what I mean.

Imagine this…

You are getting ready to go to a restaurant, your favorite restaurant. And all you want is the steak, chips and garlic butter. That is all you have been thinking about all day. You get to the restaurant, super excited to order your meal, the meal that you have been thinking about all day, and then just before the waiter takes your order, he says…

“Before you order, I just need to let you know that we are out of the chicken espetada, but you can have anything else from the menu”

And just like that. Within a split second. You have gone from wanting the steak, chips and garlic butter…

To now wanting the chicken espetada.


Because you know that you CAN’T fucken have the chicken espetada. Now you want it more than ever.

Prior to this, you probably didn’t even know what an espetada was, but now you WANT it. Only cause you can’t have it.

And that is exactly the same with diets!

● The moment you restrict carbs.
● The moment you restrict your favorite biscuits.
● When you take your beer away.
● Chocolate. The day you take your chocolate away. The day you restrict it.

That is the moment. That is the day that you tell yourself that you can’t have it. And when you tell yourself that you can’t have it…

That’s when you want it the most.

Tell yourself that you can have your favorite foods. Work them into your plan as to not restrict them. Eat them in moderation. Make it a sustainable health journey. And live happily ever after. Except if the waiter is married and you know that you can’t have him…

I know that you don’t believe me when I say that you can still lose weight while eating carbs, right?

Let me show you that it is possible!