What happens when a wannabe runner gets injured?

Well first two (2) months of self pity and self sabotage happens, that’s what happens!

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What happens when a wanna runner decides to take a break from running?

Swimming, Swimming happens!

Join Me

So we all know that I won’t be running for a while, so I figured I get out my comfort zone and try something new, something that I am allowed to do.

For anyone that is interested in trying something new, why don’t you take this opportunity in joining me as I try swim, in a dam, for the first time?

Yes I was a strong swimmer who made my parents broke due to my private swimming lessons, club fees and galas, but no, I have never done open water swimming before… Ok, maybe once, but that was at night and I may or may not have had one too many pink drinks 😂 #NotAdvised

For anyone that has wanted to do this but was too afraid to do it alone, lets do it together!

Lets try not drown as we do open water swimming.

Here are the links to the first two events I a going to tackle:

Bridge House Mile | 04 Feb 2017 |

Sanlam Cape Mile | 18 Feb 2017 |