Let me introduce you to the #REUSEMYSHOES concept.

As runners, we go through a fair amount of running shoes but many of us rarely enjoy parting ways with them. The old shoes, like an old ex, hardly ever get used again and are only spoken about when asked.

I have teamed up with these wonderful people who have the following goals:



  • To inspire more South Africans to run
  • To bring awareness to fundraising
  • To motivate the youngsters to be active
  • Help athletes in need of training equipment
  • Uplifting sport by encouraging youngsters to run in Western Cape communities


  • To provide disadvanged athletes who cannot afford proper training shoes and kit
  • To encourage and promote the culture of Giving back”

Drop off Points 

So all you need to do is run.

So really you just need to proceed with normal every day life as a runner. And you need to remember to hold onto your old shoes.




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