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The rolling hills parkrun (More Info)

If you are in Wellington (Cape Town) and you enjoy running, then this one is for you. This parkrun is well organised, beautifully based and will fill your lungs with clean, fresh farm air.

This parkrun is hosted by Imbuko Wine Estate. Once you are done with your run you can head over to the terrace area and enjoy well deserved cuppa!

This parkun is by far the best one I have done and there is even a professional photographer that volunteers there, meaning that you no longer need to take those cringe worthy selfies. *Please note that because he volunteers it may not be guaranteed that he always be there!

* Added bonus information: For those that like nuts, no not the nuts that Sue likes, the actual nuts. Almonds, Peanuts, Sunflower seeds, coconut flakes and all that health stuff can be found at the Safari Dried Fruit store and they are cheap as chips, kale chips that is 🙂


Do yourself a favor and head out to Wellington for a weekend, do some wine tasting, do the parkun, stuff your face with nuts and enjoy everything else on offer!


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