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Bellville Parkrun


If you are in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town and you know where Teazers (now known as the Loose Goose) is then you won’t have a problem finding this parkrun.


Everything that you need to know about Bellville parkrun:

Starts: 8am

Location: Jack Muller – Danie Uys Park

Parking: Ample opposite DF Malan High School

Language spoken: Afrikaans first & English Second

Rules: They are extremely strict about keeping to the right and passing on the left! This is a good thing! The fast runners will zoom up behind you and shout at you if you are in their way. Also, don’t let your kids run ahead of you, this is frowned upon! #RulesAreGood


This parkrun takes place weekly and is operated by volunteers, as do / are all of them. The volunteers try their best to get all the information and photo’s up on the same day as the event.

The Bellville parkrun is Sue’s favorite one as it is located opposite the The Loose Goose, and we all know what Sue loves doing in her free time!


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