You are probably asking yourself “but why is she writing about parkruns because everyone knows about them”!


You will be extremely surprised to find out just how many people don’t know about the parkuns that take place every Saturday morning at 8 am.

*If you are reading this, thinking that 8 am in way too early for a Saturday morning, then the parkrun is probably not for you, come to think of it no exercise is because you are probably way to hungover from last nights jol. #GetYourShitTogether

The parkruns are not just for Cape Town or South Africa for that matter, it is an international thing. One bar code allows you access to any parkrun of your choice.

You will need the following:

  • Your bar code so that you can get scanned upon finishing and receive all your run stats for the day. (Register here)
  • Clothes, doesn’t necessarily need to be the top range running clothes, but you just cant run naked.
  • A good attitude
  • If you have a dog and decide to bring said dog with, please bring a poop scoop and bag with. This will be so that you can clean said dogs shit if need be!
  • If you can’t run 5 km with water you will need to bring that along as well.

*Please note that not all parkruns allow dogs!

Things people think but no one says:

  • If you are a walker, slow runner, have a pram or a dog, please make space for the fast runners.
  • If you are a social butterfly and you are into groupies, please don’t be the groupie that blocks the road talking about Sue and her dirty ways!
  • For the love of God, if you run 5 km in 45 min, please don’t start in the front – Leave that for the fast runners.
  • Don’t spit or blow the snot out your nose. If you have to, please check your surroundings as there could be someone behind you that doesn’t necessarily want to be hit by snot in their face!

Don’t block the bloody runway, as simple as that!

*Please note that as much as it is an should be a fun event, there are many people that do take it serious an run for time, so as fellow park runners we need to respect that.

Things the parkruns are:

  • Fun
  • Free
  • Well organised
  • Every Saturday
  • Volunteer reliant

If you are a regular runner it would be great if you could act as a volunteer at your local parkrun every once in a while! 


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