Paarl Rock

Paarl Rock: A huge granite outcrop with scenic views


Paarl Rock & Bre­tagna Rock forms part of the Paarl Mountain reserve which is based in, wait for it, Paarl. Paarl is a small little town in the Western Cape of South Africa. Paarl is also home to the Afrikaans Taal Monument and double brandy specials.

Situated closer to the parking area. This is a quick walk to the summit that provides you with great views are the surrounding areas.

On this quick walk to the summit of Paarl Rock you will find:

  • Great Views
  • No water, bring your own or fill your bottles in the day camping area
  • Fresh Air, not city polluted air
  • You will find a smallish cave which was used by the Khoi people
  • There is a canon on top of the rock as well. This was used to signal the incoming ships in Table Bay.
  • Faded white painted footprints that mark the way
  • A beautiful view of the rounded rocks behind you

Please note that once you have finished your business on top of this granite rock you ca proceed to the next. Don’t go back the way you came, but rather proceed down the back of the rock where you will find a well hidden wooden bridge. #ItsApleasure

A quick 200 m run, walk or crawl and you are at the base of Bre­tagna Rock! 


  • Follow the wooden bridge that just ends at the base of the rock
  • That is where you start the climb
  • It is not  a very long climb in distance, but it is pretty steep
  • Hold on to the chains so that you don’t fall backwards
  • Stop and take some pictures and to catch your breath
  • The rocks are slippery, even when not wet
  • Look for Table Mountain on a clear day
  • Be careful when you walk down

Instead of going back immediately, you can always proceed down the wooden steps and go all the way down through the mini forest to the massive dam. Pretty epic little walk this!

Facts on my day out:

  • 7 km of running up and down rocks
  • 563987 rock jumping, running, hiking selfies taken
  • Sexy running tights tan gained
  • Two new friends made as they were lost due to lack of signage
  • 2.5 hours
  • I parked at the day visitors area

Important Facts:

  • No entrance fees were applicable – This could change though
  • Toilet facilities at day visitors area
  • Water at day visitors area
  • Wear appropriate closed shoes
  • Try wear ankle socks to protect you form the shorter thorny bushes. #iGotBush
  • Google for address – Jan Philips Drive I believe

Paarl Mountain Reserve is really what you make of it – If you feel you only want to walk up one rock then you only walk up one rock. If you want to walk up one and crawl up the other, then you do this. You can spend 30 minutes there just getting pictures, or you can take you picnic basket and spend the entire day there.

It would be awesome to take a picnic basket and sit in one of the caves and be all primitive and shit. 



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